Sopocka Grupa Marketingowa Sp. z o. o.

One of our highly regarded customers. We have started our cooperation from designing a website for the Dellner Components unique project – Autoconnector – displayed on the tradeshow in London. The next stage for us was to build the main website service for the Dellner Components brand – getting recognition in many countries in Europe. Currently we are working on refreshing the brand identity, delivering the brand manual, redesigning company’s interior and communication systems – literally and as a concept. We are also working on promotional materials and we are leading conversations about the future strategy of the brand.

dellner_www1.jpg autoconnector_www.png autoconnector_gadzety.jpg autoconnector_ulotkaduza.jpg autoconnector_ulotkda.jpg autoconnector_CI.jpg autoconnector_katalog1.jpg autoconnector_katalog3.jpg autoconnector_katalog2.jpg